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Type to Learn 4


One of the first steps to computer literacy is learning how to use the keyboard! With this new and exciting program, students experience age-appropriate instruction in keyboarding that will help them use the computer with greater ease. The small sizes of young students’ hands are kept in mind in this animated program that takes students from keyboard awareness to typing carefully selected words into short sentences. The Sunbuddies™, Shelby, Max, Cassie, Tiny, and Hopkins, guide and reward your students as they move through the lively paces of this program. In the Learning Center of Type to Learn® Jr., your students begin by: dividing the keyboard into left- and right-hand keys ocating letters and numbers with increasing reliability using the shift key for uppercase letters using the space bar and Return/Enter key typing simple words and short sentences typing simple punctuation Three animated games encourage students to refine their keyboarding skills. In Cassie’s Empty Nest, students practice typing keys with their left or right hand. In Hopkins’s Treasure Trove, students identify three rows of letters on the keyboard, learning the exact location of the letter keys. In Tiny’s Flying Feat, students identify and type sets of three- or four-letter rhyming words to complete the game. Watch your students become keyboard savvy with this innovative program


Microsoft Windows 
486 or equivalent processor 
8 MB of RAM 
Win 95, Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista 

8 MB of RAM 
8.X, 9.X, OS X, OS X Client 10.2.x, OS X Client 10.3.x, OS X Client 10.4.x, OS X Server 10.2.x, OS X Server 10.3.x, OS X Server 10.4.x, UB/Intel 

Single-User Version includes one disk or CD-ROM and a Teacher's Guide. Lab Packs include 10 (Sunburst) CD-ROMs and access to download teacher resource materials or a single copy of a printed Teacher's Guide. School Unlimited License for completely installable programs contains one disk or CD-ROM and one Teacher's Guide. Network License includes a CD-ROM to install on a server and a Teacher's Guide is included or available online.