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Electric Coloring Book


Grades K-1. Students see letters along with a representative picture, select ,crayon colors, and color within the lines with this engaging coloring program. Two different exercises each cover the full alphabet. In the Coloring Book option, students select a coloring page using the mouse. Each page represents one letter of the alphabet. The guide voice pronounces the letter and the name of the word picture associated with it on the screen. For example: “A….. Apple”. The student can then select one of the sixteen colors and begin to color in the pictue. The guide voice tells the student the color chosen. The regions of the picture are pre-defined, but the student determines what color the region will be by choosing a color and clicking with the mouse somewhere in a region. The student must then “color” in the region with the mouse just as they would with a crayon. There is also an eraser which works just like a real eraser. The student may go forward or backward through the alphabet. The second option is a “Mystery Picture” which starts out all black and must be colored in to reveal both the picture and the letter of the alphabet it represents. A very friendly and engaging program, The Electric Coloring Book helps with letter recognition, pronunciation, word association, and color identification, as well as reinforcing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, structured activity, creativity and color differentiation. 

Curriculum Features 

Area of Focus: Language Arts/Colors 
Primary Curriculum Area Covered: 
Other Applicable Curriculum Areas: 
Fine Motor Skills 
Eye-hand coordination 
Structured activity 
Color differentiation 
Capital & Lower-case letters 

Teachers Manual for all programs including a comprehensive Curriculum Integration Guide 

Program Features 
Voice Instructions 
Letter pronunciation 
Voice Color Identification


Network Compatible (TCP/IP & NetBUI via Windows NT/2000/XP or Novell, Appletalk, etc.) 
Run Stand-alone or from Server 
Win/Mac Hybrid Disk 
Operating Systems: 
Win 98/2000/NT/XP 
Mac OS 7.0 – 9.2 
Unlimited Site License